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Blood, Sweat, and Tears 02/09/2012

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My husband lost his job on Dec. 8th of this past year. It’s been really nice having him home during the day. I don’t feel lonely and if I need to run out to the store, I can go by myself. It’s been nice having our long, midday chats too. Although, I know it’s hard for him to have lost his job and have to go through the demands of finding a new one, I have to say that selfishly, it’s been kind of  nice having him around.  On the other hand, I feel like we are in an unknown limbo.  Lots of questions swirl in my mind and I wonder how long we will be living off unemployment. I trust God, and believe my husband does too.  It’s not easy, but God has been our Provider. He has used people to reach out to us~my parents and friends from church~I am so thankful for these relationships!

Since he’s been off work, my husband agreed to help a friend out with his cleaning business temporarily. This means, he is gone Monday through Friday nights which means I get to put all 4 kiddies to bed by myself.  I used to love the help Joe gave at bedtime. For some parents, it is probably the time of most bonding with their kids, but for me it’s been a struggle. I am trying, by God’s grace, to learn the art of taking t-i-m-e to spend with them at bedtime, but by the time 8 pm comes, I’m ready to say goodnight and close the doors.  I’ve had to learn not to rush the routine though I still do much of the time. Some nights, especially when I do it alone, I’m just so tired! Tonight, as I was tredging up the stairs in the process of getting the younger two ready, I remembered James Dobson’s wise advise that said good parenting was worth all the blood, sweat, and tears that it took. I need to be reminded of this all.the.time!  They say, the moments seem long, but the years are short. I know this already to be true, how much more when they have spread their wings and no longer can I tuck them in, will I have wished I had spent those moments lingering with them.


4 Responses to “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”

  1. bobbytaruc Says:

    We all have different struggles. I am amazed as Joan and I have one on one conversations with couples and families from church, that there are different trials and tribulations people face. Most really do not share it at the parking lot conversations. Most become transparent and share at the kitchen table, e.g., June V cried as we were leaving their home. Joan and I are facing and dealing with aging parents. Couple my burden with unsaved aging parents, along with a rebellious adopted brother. As Pastor and Mrs. Schlagel relayed last night, the Lord is able and is full of mercy and grace. I cling on to those promises.

  2. Yep… I guess I like morning. By 7 p.m., all my sweet mommy well is DRY. Hence, it’s bedtime! (And my kids can read or play as long as they keep it quiet and don’t need me. Ha!)

    My DH (dear husband) often has work responsibilities at night and can’t help with bedtime… but I have just two kiddos…. and I start earlier than you!!!

    I do love reading them stories about our God, Redeemer, Rescuer, or bringing out a Scriptural principal (or one that should have been) in a kid’s book they are reading on their own… and given that I’m getting sleepy myself… I get laughably silly, too.

    • Karen, We also do Bible time at night before bed. I feel like we need more variety and something to make it fun. Any ideas?
      Silly is good and I’m sure your kids love that their mom can be silly!!! My silliness comes out after a good night’s sleep and lots of coffee! (:

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