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You’re Not Alone 02/10/2012

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Ever feel like you are the only one struggling with something? I have, it’s a lonely place to be.  Today, I had a friend share with me her “story” of how she went through a trial only to come out on the other side with much joy and answer to prayer. I am going through, right now, the same “waters” she did just a little while ago.  When she called me this morning and shared this with me and how her faith has increased so much, it was such an encouragement to me! Though I’m still in the test, I’m happy she’s on the other side and able to share so positively with me her journey.  I think having someone to share your burdens and pray with and for you is one of the best gifts God gives. Never think you are alone in a struggle you face. Find someone you can talk to who no doubt has been there, and if you’re the one on the other side, never underestimate the power you have in encouraging someone else.


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