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Joy Dare 02/13/2012

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I have not been consistant with Ann Voskamp’s (author of “One Thousand Gifts”) Joy Dare for 2012 , but when I began to really slow down, with my children especially, last Summer and be thankful for the moments and the beauty all around us, it was transforming! Instead of dreading the question again, “Moooom, can you push me on the swing?”, it invited me to enter my child’s world, to be fully present in the moment. It opened my heart to a whole new joy, a God-breathed joy, the joy of spending time with those I love the most. Being with them in the warm sun, hearing them laugh, watching the way they are growing so fast and the beauty all around, I was enjoying my kids and it was just like being a kid again. For me, this doesn’t always come naturally, having 4 kids in just under 6 years was The Challenge of My Life. God knew what I needed to put my heart on the right path, the one with lots of ups and downs and twists and turns and the one of increasing faith. He stretched me more than I knew I could be stretched and at times I thought I’d fall apart, but His grace held me, yes, His grace. Now, I know why this generation seems so eager to talk about grace, I’ve never heard that word more than I do now. We get it, it’s in our hearts and it’s amazing, can’t stop talking about it!

Oprah had a similar idea several years ago about journaling 5 things you were thankful for every day. Hers was a good concept, but Anne takes it further by recognizing God in everything and being thankful to Him. What an amazing perspective! It can turn not only a bad day into a good one but an “empty” life into a joyFULL life! Praise Him! 3 gifts a day for 1000 of His gifts counted in a year, that is the dare. I dare you, you won’t regret it! (: Visit for details.

Joy Dare for Feb. 13 “3 Gifts found behind a door”

1.) Taking Lacey and Ryan to the bathroom at Walmart, again. There they go, behind closed doors, again! Oh, how I usually dread this task, but the fact that they are potty trained is a blessing! Thank you, Lord. And my 4th, Ryan was the easiest, another, “thank you.”

2.) Children peacefully sleeping in their bedrooms. Ahh.

3.) Lots of laundry washed, folded and put away today,  hurray!


2 Responses to “Joy Dare”

  1. Suzi Says:

    Annie – good for you on starting the blog! I think you express yourself really well writing and I enjoy reading your shared thoughts. The site is pretty too – I love the wispy flowers at the top. 🙂

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