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When I feel anxious 02/15/2012

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I am so blessed, aren’t we all? Especially here in America. However, when you are unemployed and, on top of that, today I’m not feeling well (bad cold) it can be hard not to get anxious.

This morning, I came across these two quotes on contentment, “Fret not for want of earthly things; They’ll never satisfy. The secret of contentment is to let the Lord supply.” D. De Haan and “True contentment is not dependent on anything in this world.” Sometimes, we have plenty and our cups are overflowing but sometimes the resources are few. I think in the times we have less, it’s a time to really trust and see, that He is all we need. It’s not easy,  I felt anxious today to know what the future held. I had to stay home from Bible Study because I was sick, and we are all going a little cabin-fever crazy. I look forward to the Summer days again…  Anyway, it was hard not to be able to get out and change up the routine. It was a typical, gray winter day with two little ones to care for.  Some days you just long for “more”.  Oftentimes, I am held back not by my own will so I could easily get discouraged but it’s there that I need to remember my contentment and true satisfaction are found in Him. He is everything I need.

This may not be the place my heart always wants to be, but it’s the longing of my soul to be in the place where He is all to me.  In Him, we find the safest place of belonging. He accepts us all as we are, if we just open our souls to Him.


4 Responses to “When I feel anxious”

  1. Dad Says:

    Annie….you are an encouragement to me! love you………

  2. Joe Vinci Says:

    Joe and Annie
    I am praying the Lord will use this trial in your lives to draw you both closer to Him and each other. All trials are
    hard to go through, just remember you are passing through and when it is over you will come forth as gold as he
    purges the dross and draws you closer to him. love you both
    Dad Vinci

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