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What Brings God Glory? 02/22/2012

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Bringing glory to God~that is our purpose, right?  But how? If at some of our hardest moments we are capable of bringing Him the most glory then is grieving okay?  I don’t even grieve as those who’ve lost loved ones or serious life and death tradegies, like the missionaries who just lost their little 3 year old daughter. My heart breaks for them. The verse, “when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I” came quickly to the  mind of the father of this little girl, that brings glory to God. Mine are minute grievances comparably speaking.  God draws each of us in such individual and personal ways none of our journeys are exactly the same. 

Am I supposed to have joy at all times in order to bring Him glory? You know, and look like I’m handling the difficulty ok even with a smile because God is helping me. What about when it’s hard? or I want to cry? or I’m not feeling like it? Is it ok to express that? Today, I was pondering this. For the most part, I feel like there has been so much joy in my life recently and I realized I haven’t really felt sad much.  I almost missed my Bible study today partly because as we were leaving, my kids decided to change their outfits from Kids Korner outfits to play-at-home outfits, I was not happy and decided that was enough to keep me home. I know my husband said a prayer for me, I needed it and decided to go very late. Maybe it’s other things weighing me down now too. I missed the first part of Bible study but ended up being so blessed by the story of Hosea (what we were studying). God told Hosea to marry a women who would not be faithful to him and it wouldn’t be easy for Hosea but that this would be the means by which God would picture his judgement and ultimately love to Israel (and to us).  We rejected Him and humiliated Him and though sin has consequences, He loved us so much, He willingly bought us back just  as Hosea did with his unfaithful wife, Gomer. It’s a beautiful story of unconditional love. I needed this emotional picture of what my Saviour did for me, and I get to reap the benefits for all eternity. Though undeserving and causing Him shame, He paid the ultimate price for me. Bring Him glory? It should make me want to no matter the cost. It was a tough thought this morning because I was beginning to feel like it was very hard.  He bought me for all eternity but what about the ways He shows me He loves me daily: allowing me to change my mind and go to Bible study, coming home with bags full of groceries (thanks, Mom) and a heart full of His love.


One Response to “What Brings God Glory?”

  1. Annemarie Vinci Says:

    So in answer to my own questions (: I do think it’s absolutely ok and normal to grieve life’s losses and to be honest with God & seek His truth in the midst of it. I should also mention that this is in regards to a bad morning I had and was letting the weight of everything get me down and the questions of how to handle it all while I ultimately do want to bring God glory.

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