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My Carpenter At Heart 02/23/2012

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He studies long, papers and resumes all spread out, computer resources close at hand. I think, “We are in this thing together but he’s got all the “dirty” work.”  I clean, cook and care for the family, but he will need to find a job soon. There are lots of calls, emails, recruiters, phone interviews and some face to face interviews. On his way to an interview now, he’s in pressed shirt, suit coat and tie, he’s an encouragement to me. I told him, “he’s holding it together really good”. We pray for the perfect job for him, the one God has. I don’t care what or where, I pray though that he’ll enjoy it. Does God want our earthly business to be from our gifts and talents? What we enjoy? Perhaps not always. Certainly He allows us to use them for Him. Not everyone likes their job, I pray he will.  He’s so good at projects around the house: flooring, cabinets, countertops, fireplace, finished basement, etc. God’s been so good to give him these accomplishments.

It’s a lie to think you have no gifts. God gives each of His children gifts. Sometimes I’m tempted to wish for the gifts others have, but I’ve been reminded I can’t handle that persons purpose or their gift. I can only rightly handle mine and my purpose.  If I’m always striving for what I think I’d like it to be or what I wish it were, perhaps I won’t know the full extent of God’s plan for ME. I need only to humbly submit to mine. More than likely, I will enjoy the gift He’s given.

One hour from now, he’ll be meeting for an interview and I pray for God’s help and direction. God knows where he’ll be working and when, if he’ll like it or if it’s a job “just” to pay the bills.  Either way, I PRAY for deep trust in God and peace during the wait as the next chapter of our life unfolds.


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