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It’s Not About Me 03/02/2012

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With each passing day, I’m learning that life is less and less about me.  It’s actually nothing about me. When you’re a kid, life seems to revolve around you and “one Summer ice cream dream”. Then adult responsibility hits and you are to sacrifice and bend and give to everyone else (a demonstration of His love) and it’s a beautiful thing, if you know how to do it well.

How many times have I struggled to put another above myself? Friendships, Marriage, Children, etc. “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves” Phil. 2:3 Wow! He expects that from me? Selfish me. Oh, how my  nature automatically defaults to me and what would make me happy or appreciated or noticed. But if I want to be like Him, others have to be more significant than me. I can’t do it in my own strength. I have to do it out of the sacrificial love Christ gave to me through His death on the cross for my sins that saved me from bearing the guilt of my sin for eternity. I pray that He will empty me of me and fill me with His Spirit. It has to be a heartfelt prayer, one that truly desires to be like Jesus. “We’re never more like Jesus than when we’re serving others.”  I need to remember this. The less that I’m concerned about my bad day, others’ opinion about me or if my hair is not just right, the more I can focus on someone else.

When I’ve been shown this sacrificial love from others, it makes me want to pour out from my overflowing cup  into another’s. I am indebted to those that have shown this love to me, how much more should all I do be done out of a heart that loves the One who gave it all to me. And, as I learn that life is less and less and not at all about me, the glory that is to come in the end will completey and fully be revealed in my Saviour, Jesus Christ. That makes me happy. (:


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