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Waiting for Spring 03/02/2012

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“Waiting is just a gift of time in disguise — a time to pray wrapped up in a ribbon of patience — because is the Lord ever late? “Ann Voskamp

Just as I know leaves will come and grass will green, I know God has a perfect job blooming for my husband.  In the Midwest, Winter is about 3 months looonnngggg. Spring may come but it doesn’t always bring with it warm weather right away. 

Sometimes in life, a season of the journey may seem never ending.  Many seasons can bring with them pain or sickness and waiting for the unknown. I have less hold on my life than I think. Only God knows and controls all, and I can rest on Him. His eye sees the painted picture from above. And He only “paints” beauty. He only “paints” good. If only I could see what He sees, I would always trust Him. I’d always have perfect peace. Only in Heaven will my eyes be open to the whole picture and be able to trust without any fear. When I do let go of my hold and open my hand and heart to trust God, He gives me great peace right where I am. Peace the Summer already knows. Winter can look cold and dark and sometimes it feels like Spring will never come. But it will, it always does.

“So we glory in God at all times and give thanks to Your name forever.” Ps 44:8


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