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Singing Our Praise Along With The Birds 03/15/2012

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Earlier this week, when I opened the windows, the first thing I noticed were the birds singing. The warm air was breathtaking. Who would’ve guessed you could get out the flip flops, shorts, t-shirts, bikes and tennis racquets on a Winter, March day in CHICAGO? The past few days have been “Summer” complete with our after dinner popsicles.  I know all too well that this weather is not here to stay, but it’s like a gift of Summer right at the end of Winter. We are soaking it up and have just barely sun-kissed skin to show for it. 

God must know how hard it can be sometimes, especially with little kids, to stay indoors all Winter long. I bet He just couldn’t wait to surprise us with these way above average temperatures and I know enjoys seeing us play outside in his handiwork.  We swung on the swings, climbed on the playset, took bike rides, went for a jog, biked to the park, and played tennis all this week and there could’ve been snow.  It’s like God knew we needed a vacation, a little time of outdoor refreshment right in our own backyard.


One Response to “Singing Our Praise Along With The Birds”

  1. It was amazing! I love that analogy… “… it’s like a gift of Summer right at the end of Winter.”

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