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How We Worship 03/19/2012

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The heart has been prepared and as I step outside and see what He wants me to see, I’m amazed at the beauty. That the one who saved me has also made for me such a place to behold. The wonder of who He is, is in his creation. The vast blue sky that has “no end”, the green trees that are sometimes orange, red and yellow but in them hold such promise. My mind can’t comprehend that He whom I haven’t seen, but I’ve seen Him in what he’s made and in that I know more of Him. My heart is filled with joy. The stars that sparkle in the night remind me that He’s near even in the dark. He is in control all the time, day or night, Summer or snow, His creation alone tells me so.

I’m a worshipper, we all are I guess. I love taking in the beauty of creation all around me and the way my heart fills with gratitude and joy in this visual reminder of God’s love for me. We were made to worship something. We don’t worship creation, we worship the Creator. They say we all have a God-shaped vacuum inside us and we’ll never be truly satisfied unless it’s filled with Him. It’s true. The outpouring of a soul that is filled with His love and focused on Him is one way to worship.

Music is one of my favorite ways to worship and I do enjoy once in a while to dance too, as in “DavidintheBibledance” especially with my kids. Worship in His house or through Bible study and prayer are other ways God enjoys our worship. We all need Him and as He fills us, it leads to more worship. As life got busy with family and having babies and all that comes with that, music somehow seemed to get pushed to the side. We had enough noise I guess. It wasn’t until I realized how much I missed it that I started to play it in the house again.  Music that is worshipful will fill you with praise and lead you to joy.

“When what you do isn’t about gaining or getting but giving a gift to God – then your work becomes worship.” ~  One Thousand Gifts

I’d love to see my own work as a form of worship. Worship isn’t always easy,  it’s a sacrifice to Him who gave the greatest of all sacrifices for us. It’s so easy to let the way I feel predict what I do. May I not only worship in song, (a wonderful way and the easy way for me), but also in service out of love for Him.


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