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The Big Day 04/15/2012

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Tomorrow my husband will start a new job after being out of work for 4 months.  This is the job that he had his eye on near the beginning of the search back in early January. He was let go on December 8th and though it was hard news, news we didn’t want to “go through” again. God was gracious and did many wonderful things during our wait. I did love having him home and although, being unemployed is not like being on vacation, I did enjoy it.

The interview was scheduled for late January and then it got delayed until nearly a month later on February 23. I wrote a blog post on that day regarding this very interview not knowing this would be the one he’d get, it’s called “A Carpenter at Heart”. The day after the interview, he was told by a recruiter that they would more than likely be extending an offer to  him and that someone would be calling. We expected a call the same day or at least by the next day as things like this have gone in the past. When no call came by late Friday, we were a little curious what was going on. We had to go all weekend wondering and waiting. He later e-mailed the recruiter on Tuesday, I believe, but didn’t hear back from her for another 6 days. Talk about frustrating. “Are they gonna make the offer or not?” We wondered.  We prayed, a lot! My husband had said they were hiring around 27 positions so it made some sense that there’d be a delay, but when it comes to a delay for yourself, it’s not very reassuring. Finally, he did hear back and they apologized for the delay and said that the offer would be coming during the week. On Wednesday of this same week, he received an offer from another company he interviewed previously for and was not nearly as interested, but they were in him. They gave him time to think about it and we were still anxiously awaiting the other offer. All week we heard nothing and it was Friday again. I was getting ready to leave for a Ladies retreat. Anxiety  grew. With every call that came in that week, He and I just looked at each other with wondering eyes if this would be the offer. Just like a watched pot never boils, we never got the call. Even though they said more than likely he’d be getting an offer, if it “never” comes, you wonder. By Friday, midday the other job offer that came in wanted his answer and were giving him 30 minutes to make a decision. We panicked. He called the other company to let them know time was short and we’d like an official offer. Should we turn this other offer down and risk no job, after all we had nothing official from the first, sought after company. Or do we take the offer so he’d have something, a job. Not an easy decision when you’ve been unemployed nearly 3 1/2 months. Since it was near another Friday afternoon and no official news, he told the company he’d take the offer, but he was not happy about it. Neither was I. When you’ve been unemployed and you finally get an offer, you should be happy, we weren’t. We felt bad about that. We didn’t want to be greedy. Maybe we should have a  “just take what you can get in this economy attitude”. Everyone is just thankful they have a job in this market, right? I still prayed the other offer would come through, God gave me  peace to  trust him and about 2 1/2 hours later, the official offer came!!! We were in shock, but thrilled!! Maybe we should’ve just waited and not worried because they did say the offer was coming, but whether we should’ve or shouldn’t of, God in His wisdom had them give us that offer before the end of the day Friday, before I left for my retreat. (My husband had to let the other company know that the sought-after offer did officially come through) but we were the happier for it and praise God from whom all blessings flow.


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