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Spring Celebration 04/27/2012

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Ah, I’m always sad when this time of the year rolls around. It has been such a rich treasure for me to be able to go to this ladies’ Bible study every Wednesday morning in the Fall and Spring. It’s extra special because I’ve gotten to go with my Mom every year and this year with my sister and sister-in-law too.

 First, we meet in small groups to discuss the week’s lesson and prayer requests, most participate and learning from others is a way to open your heart and mind to truths God has for each of us. There is just something special about hearing how God is working in other’s lives, something too, that unites us as believers in Christ. Then we head to the large Commons room for breakfast treats and coffee. The morning ends with worship in song and a large group lesson taught by one of the women teachers summing up the week’s lesson. I’ve learned so much these past 9 years. I’ve been attending ever since my first born was about 8 months old, this brings me to a whole other wonderful part of Bible study, Kids Korner. It’s a wonderful structured Bible time for the children. They are well-loved and taken care of and always have such cute crafts that they are so proud to show me.

I can’t speak more highly of this group of ladies where love, joy and acceptance abound. If you are looking for a wonderful time of Bible study with other ladies, this is a great place to come! Even if you can’t go here (College Church), I’m sure attending a group study of your own would be very beneficial. Here are some pictures of our closing day (Spring Celebration) together! This coming Fall they will be studying “The Timeline of the Bible”.


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