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Seeing… 06/25/2012

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May your eyes see, may your heart feel, may your mind know all it was meant to about the grace YOU have been given. May you grab hold of your only hope for today and everyday. 

Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

The grace gifts He wants to give you will be revealed when you seek Him with all your heart.
I didn’t understand this grace until I was hanging on in my life by a thread ready to fall apart at any moment. I had heard there was “joy” and “abundant life”, but it really never meant anything much to me until I was gripping that lifeless thread. Him bringing me to the threads was grace though I didn’t know that either, it was the only way I would truly seek His face. He’s given me an anchor I don’t have to struggle to hold for a release of my barely hanging on threads. Our God is faithful to His promise, He’s revealing Himself to me more and more. Though life has its many struggles to be sure, all I’m learning for the good of sanctifying us, the glimpses He gives of Himself don’t even compare to a life lived without him. To only be able to imagine the glory of seeing Him fully one day is joy and one day it will be pure joy something worth living for today!


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