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Back to “Ordinary” Life 01/08/2013

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I feel like it has been a long time since I’ve posted to my blog and it has. I guess I wrote and wrote until I got everything off my heart and mind that has been brewing for so long and then I came to a point where the words just didn’t come as freely.
The Christian’s life is so mysterious in that God has all the plans wrapped up and waiting for us in our next steps and they can be in any form, twists and turns and valleys and mountains, dark days and light, new beginnings, new understandings and change and growth and this is how it will always be, we never know what is around the corner. We just trust in our good God to do in us what He has said He would. Sometimes we don’t listen as well and sometimes we are desperately searching for His voice and sometimes we wander a little off the path. He’s always there for us. I love to be reminded that He really is more near than we know and to experience His presence, we have to acknowledge Him but not only that, enjoy and be thankful for everything He is and everything He does for us. No matter what it is because He loves us and has in mind our ultimate good.
I am inspired today though that is not how I felt earlier this morning. It is another day, the older boys back at school for the 2nd day after Christmas break. We are getting back into routine. Routine is good. Christmas was wonderful, but we have to get back to normal-ordinary and sometimes adjusting back is hard, just like going back to work after vacation. And today God showed me, once again, that He is all I need, I mean really. I don’t know it like Job or the poor people going on three days without food in another country, but I know how he speaks it to me right now. Jesus works in each of us so differently but His love for all of us is so deep. We can cling to His heart. Sometimes I don’t understand and I’m tempted to forget what I know or thought to be true of Him. But what kind of Christian life would that be? It would be so conditional on life and circumstances. Where would my faith be then? I have to live by His word and His truths. That He has a plan, a good plan, for me and that He can use even me. Even when I feel invisible or worthless. He is there to fill me with all the love, hope, and grace I need for the moment and all the love, hope and grace I need to give away. Always. I take it and I trust Him. He gives joy and He gives strength for the ordinary life.


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