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To Love or Not to Love 03/05/2013

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In light of Valentine’s Day last month and my weekly Ladies Bible study on 1 John, I have been thinking about love a lot lately. One more thing that has me pondering love for a long time now is the past hurts others have brought to our lives because of a lack of love for us and in turn it hindering our love for God. In my study this morning of 1 John 3, I am overwhelmed with the responsibility and desire to love others more. It is the Christians main duty, next to loving God and that is to love their brothers even as Christ loved us. Wow! That is a tall order for our selfish natures. Perhaps one of best ways for God to receive glory is to work the hardest through us, love through us.
Some of us have past hurts because there may have been certain Christians that lacked this love and now I can see why it has so big an affect. When it is the Christians main responsibility next to loving God, if not done, it can have a huge impact on us, makes sense, right? Definately. How it bothers me that when I’m not loving, I’m bringing shame to the sake of the gospel. When I don’t love, I do that, I don’t want to do that but I do so often. Oh, how I plead with you to see past human failings and look into the loving heart of God. How deep, how wide, how measureless His love is for YOU! YOU!
I cautiously write on this subject because I think it can sound like I’m bitter or unforgiving of those in my past who did cause me pain (way back when) by revisisting the subject. I believe and pray that I have truly forgiven them. We all come short of where we are supposed to be so I cannot rightly judge them and what their motives were or even what shoes they were wearing at the time without properly judging myself first and foremost. I fall so very short of loving others daily. It is my desire to love others much more and through that desire God has given me, may it be said of me, one day, that I learned to love even though it will never be complete until we see Him as He is. It is and will always be a struggle…one in which we have to cling to the cross in order to love others better. It is at the receiving and filling of His love there that we can share it with others. Knowing the depths of my sin and the forgiveness I’ve been given, even the unlovable can be loved by me.
I have such a burden for those who have been turned away from anything about God because of Christians “failing” them. While love is how “they will know them”…we are human and do very human things much of the time. While we all have to take responsibility for our own actions before God, please see the way He loves you, see the gifts He gives each day, know they are from His loving heart to yours. See how He is persuing you, loving you, giving you the chance to seek Him and then amazingly, find Him. If you don’t know where to begin and this is a desire of yours, start in the Bible in the book of John and pray for a heart to see Him as He is not how anyone else has portrayed Him to you. I know people and circumstance can be a real and difficult hinderance to others seeking Jesus, but in the end, at the end of the day, it is us who lose, it is us who suffer and that is why I write this. I have felt the bitterness and anger of fake Christianity in the church which we are all capable of. On the flip side I’m indebted to those who’ve planted the seed and watered it with much love and prayer. I’m thankful God in His grace and love is so patient and still patient with me, it’s so undeserved. I’m am nothing, only desperately weak and frail without Jesus. If you have not felt this love, I beg you to look again. Look at Jesus! John 3:16 and 1 John 3:16 (cool that they are so similar in reference and message to us.)


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