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Ahhh! Facebook! 03/24/2013

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I like facebook and I don’t like facebook. At first, the guilt is, “Am I spending too much time on it?” Well, really if we compare it to how much time a person can watch TV in one evening, then no. But with facebook, it seems like everyone knows how much time you’re spending by how often you post, comment and whatever else…Then there is the fun of adding all your new “accomplishments”, “I just made the best new Filet Mignon recipe, my family loved it!” or “Johnny, just made the winning goal for his team for the 5th time in a row!” or “I have the most amazing, romantic husband in the whole wide world!” or “We are leaving soon to go to Hawaii for a month!” Then the guilt, is, “Am I bragging too much?” “Everyone else is.” “Don’t take facebook so seriously, those who care will read, maybe comment, those who don’t will ignore it.” (: Then there is me who begins to not be able to stand the perfect posts and wants to keep it real, “Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk while it is still snowing” Wow, I’m even a poet! Then there are the “spiritual” posts, I don’t want people to think that I think I’m some spiritual know-it-all, but I really do want to share. I still find myself really wanting to express my spiritual expressions on facebook. I’m not sure why other than, I’m really convinced that this Christian life, though downright HARD at times (*Update: I wanted to add that life in general is hard and I’m confident that having Christ in your life makes it a whole lot “easier” than not having Him in your life. I’m not sure “easier” is the right word, maybe the word is peaceful or joyful when you’re actively trusting Him.) Knowing Christ, is the best thing that has ever happened to me and there are always new discoveries so I want everyone to know how I feel about that. It is hard to verbalize spiritual things outloud perhaps because they are so personal but they are also so much a part of me. So while I have friends who have left facebook altogether for varying reasons, I certainly can respect that, I am still enjoying it for what it is to me, a social outlet, and a lot of inspiration (from the numerous Christian friends and/or organizational friends on there). So when I still find myself wanting to post more than is probably necessary, I’ll be coming over here to my blog, that way if you want to read it, you’ll know where to find it and if you don’t, you probably won’t even know that it’s here. (:


One Response to “Ahhh! Facebook!”

  1. Sharon Weiss Says:

    This is great, Annie! Love to read your thoughts. I agree with you!

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