Journey of Faith

Strength for Today ~ Bright Hope for Tomorrow

About 02/07/2012

Hello! Glad you stopped over!  A little about why I wanted to start this blog:

I love words.  I love words to express my feelings. I loved it when they came out to be used in home decorating. I probably have them in every room of my house.  I think Facebook is fun. Words can be expressed in writing what oftentimes is hard to say. Words help me process  life. I’m thinking words are one of my love languages. (: I am a mostly quiet person but being a girl of much written words on Facebook, I’ve been told I should start a blog. I’ll give it a try. My desire through this blog is not only to better process my own thoughts and beliefs, but also to be vulnerable in sharing my struggles and be an encouragement to you!

The following quote from the blog, “Chatting at the Sky” by Emily Freeman, is one I can somewhat relate to.

“It isn’t exactly parallel, but writing Grace for the Good Girl was one long why-didn’t-I-just-say-snakes experience. Why do I have to be passionate about something that is just so personal and exposing? Why do I feel compelled to splay my weaknesses in a book that is now sitting on bookstore shelves, bedside tables, car front seats, couch arms? Why can’t I just write about food? Animals? The weather?

I know the answer and I’m learning to receive it: talkng about the grace of God makes me come alive. It’s deep and it’s serious and it’s sometimes heavy. It’s awkward to hold and it’s too long for the elevator pitch and it doesn’t look great in a tagline. It’s hard to market, difficult to summarize, cumbersome to share in the carpool line. But when I look into your eyes and I see you get it too, when we can talk about the secret things and the mystery of this hope of glory – it’s like someone turned on the music.” ~Emily Freeman, Author of Grace for the Good Girl and blog “Chatting at the Sky”

I am the wife to my best friend and man of my dreams. He’s a carpenter at heart, a great dad, devoted Christian, and really into his sports. I’m also a mom to our four energetic kids ages 9, 7, 4 & 3.  I am a  follower of Jesus.  He is as you will see, on my mind much of the day.  He is my helper, Saviour, Redeemer and friend. He’s also much, much more than that and the more I know Him, the more I love Him. I also love decorating, shopping, working out, reading, pictures (photography) and coffee.


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