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Thoughts from THIS Introvert… 03/19/2013

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I’m a deep thinker, in other words an analyser, comtemplater, sometimes think-about-it-too-mucher. I am introspective and introverted.
I like to think alot and sometimes write. Although I enjoy talking deeply, I’m not the best at finding and getting the words out of my mouth. I recently began reading a book, “Introverts in the Church” recommended by another introvert blogger. Since then I’ve been thinking about it more. Before reading the book, I’ve been tempted to think introversion was the lesser of the two personalities. I didn’t even like how it sounded, extrovert just sounded better to me. My mind has changed on that. The author did a survey asking people what personality of the two they thought Jesus had. “Surprise!” Extrovert won. However, he pointed out that Jesus probably had the perfect mixture of the two. That makes sense to me. The funny thing is, in all my effort to not feel alone in my personality, I’ve actually realized the numerous variations and vast differences among personalities. On top of introverts and extroverts there are Sanguinis, Phlegmatics, Cholerics, and Melancholies not to mention Type “A’s” and Type “B’s”. God is very creative and He has probably mixed them all well in each of us, though we tend to dominate in specific areas. There are probably people who are extroverted, Type B, Melancholies. I say this because over the years, I’ve taken tests and I think I’ve come out as an Introverted, Type B, Phlegmatic with a streak of Sanguin. Mixed up? Seems like it.
Sometimes I feel misunderstood, throw some insecurities in there and you’ll be praying for social graces alot! Introverts can be labeled too serious, too quiet, unfriendly, or stuck up as I was a lot in high school, I still hear these labels in my mind. Introverts don’t always express themselves vocally or just can’t find the words to speak them. That sounds funny. Truth is, just because we don’t show it easily, doesn’t mean we don’t have fun, love you or need a friend because we do. I’ve found that God loves to answer me with His help. Remember I mentioned praying for social graces? Seems whenever I’ve asked Him to help me in an awkward or insecure social situation, He does and times when I’ve been in need of a friend, He always brings one. He has given me so many gracious friends of all personalities.

God made introverts and He made extroverts. I believe He made us to work together. The important thing is that we are becoming, in our uniqueness, all that God intends for us. I, the introvert, phlegmatic, type B have strengths and many many weaknesses that He needs to both polish and change. The amazing thing about God is, He infinately loves us with our quirks, uniquenesses, strengths and weaknesses. He made us the way we are and He is lovingly, mercifully, and graciously filling us with good, giving us the opportunity to be all He wants us and dreams for us to be. Because I am human and made up of these feelings and sometimes insecurities, it makes me glad God can see through to the heart and though it’s not always pleasing to Him, He understands us, helps us and yes, He always loves us.


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